B I R T H   S T O R Y 

Birth is truly an amazing thing. I can't really say I truly understood just how amazing birth is until becoming a mother myself. The strength, beauty and spirit that a woman during birth exhibits is unsurpassable. It is during our birth story that our world is changing. Sometimes for the first time, sometimes for the second, third, tenth! No matter your circumstances, once labor begins, so starts our short journey through labor and delivery and we land in a brand new world. Birth story photography captures this emotional and amazing journey as a keepsake for you and your child. The Birth Story Session is a lifestyle session focusing on early labor, active labor, delivery and those first few hours between you and your child.

F R E S H   4 8

The Fresh 48 Sessions are an amazing option for those wanting to document and capture those first few hours with their newborn child. These sessions are shot in the hospital or at home within 48 hours of delivery. Also a lifestyle session, the Fresh 48 Sessions are full of beauty and raw emotion as you and your child are getting to meet each other for the first time.  

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