My Sophie Girl

May 26, 2018

My sweet Sophie girl ‘graduated’ from Little Hearts One yesterday. She has officially completed her first year of school. I planned on posting all the adorable and hilarious photos of when she was a baby to show how much she’s grown, but as I sat down during the rain, these two troublemakers reminded me there will be time to reminisce. A time to look back and remember. Now is just not that time. French Philosopher Jean de La Bruyère said “Children live in neither the past nor the future, thus they enjoy the present, which seldom happens to us.” Maybe he was on to something. Sometimes I spend so much time remembering how little she was and thinking about how fast she’s grown, how quickly time is flying, that I feel like I am missing things happening right now. When I watch these two with their eyes wide with wonder as the rain falls and faces filled with joy and laughter as they splash through the puddles and run through thick humid air, I remember that this is the time. There is no more magical time than now. I can reminisce later. I can go through old photos later. I can remember how little she was later. Mindfulness is now, this is my sweet Sophie now. And she is love ❤️



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