Baby's First Kiss

August 30, 2018

To the little girl named Taylor who was in Sophie’s afterschool class, thank you for being such a sweet and gentle soul. Yesterday when Baby and I went to pick up Sophie, you were there. You spotted Baby when he walked through the door, car keys in hand. You walked straight up to him and gave him the most previous smile. He smiled back at you. His sweet bashful smile. Then you reached out with both of your hands and ever so gently touched his soft cheeks, leaned in and gave him the lightest kiss on his tiny lips. His eyes opened wide and he didn’t move a muscle. He just stared, his blue eyes shining, as you smiled at him and giggled. Slowly he backed behind his momma to hide, but continued to peer around my legs to look at you in awe, his first kiss. It was such a tender moment - so innocent and pure. My Sweet Baby might forget it someday, but I never will. So thank you little Taylor, for allowing me to be there for this special moment. I hope every other kiss on my Sweet Baby’s lips will be just as magical.




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