A Summer to Remember

September 6, 2018

Summer seemed to come to a screeching halt for us this year. Thankfully, we had such an amazing summer. We decided (or maybe I decided) that it would be fun for the kids to spend a month up north in Michigan this summer at Nonna and PopPops lake house. I figured why not, 1. Summer in New Orleans is hot, 2. They won’t be able to do this for many more summers because I’m sure they’ll start having camps or events at home they want to go to, 3. It would be fun for them to get to spend some time with their cousins and Michigan Family, and 4. Summers in New Orleans are HOT. So at the end of June we packed up one big suitcase with nothing but swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts and sundress and another suitcase of toys, pacifiers and only the most critical stuffed animals, headed to the airport and made our way north to Pentwater Michigan. 


It was definitely a summer to remember. They spent their mornings playing in the sunroom with PopPop and their afternoons chasing each other on the beach with Nonna. They visited a Dairy Farm - twice, ran through a labyrinth made of lavender, rode the dune buggies at Silver Lake,  went horseback riding through the woods, and went to the most legit petting farm ever. They ate fresh cherries almost every day at lunch and delicious locally made ice cream after dinner. 


They spent a week with their three cousins and created some beautiful memories and friendships that I hope will only grow stronger through the years. They rode scooters on the deck, played in the sand, and searched for bugs. They snuggled and cuddled with Nonna and PopPop at times, and at others they all shared the most contagious deep belly laughs. To top it all off, at the end of the month all the cousins came back up along with Mama, Papa and Uncle Tony to spend another few days together. What a full house, but so much fun (and so many babysitters).


This summer these two monsters spent so much time together and I watched them become best friends. The way she takes care of her “baby” and looks out for him is so precious. The way he looks to her for reassurance and how he wants to share absolutely everything with her is so sweet. I knew having these two so close together would be hard, but seeing the friendship and love they have developed for each other makes it so worth it. 


It was a beautiful summer that I hope they remember. They’re so little now, so if they can’t, at least I know it was one that the rest of the family will. 






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