San Antonio in the Rearview

October 3, 2018

It’s funny how so much changes once you have kids. People always tell you about things that will be different- you’ll sleep less, you’ll be tired all the time, you won’t have any time for yourself, you’ll worry all time, etc. They always say if you have an opportunity to have a date night or spend sometime just mom and dad-take it. So when my husband had to go go San Antonio for a few days for work, he invited me to tag along so we could get a little break from the kiddos. I was so excited. I mean, packed the bag days in advance excited. I had the whole week planned- go to the gym, see the city, read a few books, drink a lot of wine, just lounge around and relax. Sounds like a dream to a mom with an almost 2 year old and almost 3 year old. Exactly. 


When we got to San Antonio I was on a mission to do exactly that. The first day I was up at 8, worked out, kissed hubby goodbye and biked the whole city, all the missions, took pictures, got back to the hotel, worked out, read a book, let up for dinner, drank wine - Mission accomplished. We got back to the hotel after bed and everything was perfect. Except one thing. Our babies. The only thing that was missing, were our babies. We were sans kiddos the entire time. Which, we both thought, would be a nice break. Which it was, don’t get me wrong! No diapers to change, no bottles to clean, no screaming possessed toddler to calm down when presented with a piece of solid food. No frantic search for a missing “pa” or missing keys from someone hiding them, no consoling two crying babies after telling them no it’s not okay to eat the bar of soap or entire tube of toothpaste, and no attempting to explain that, no your little toy horsey is not cold and does not need to go to the doctor despite the fact that you seem to think he is covered in bo bos and “no feel good.” It was pretty easy. 


But there was also no chasing each other with the stuffed shark, no riding on daddy’s back like a horsey, no laughing at baby because he’s doing something “so weird.” No helping mommy make dinner and coloring with daddy. No splashing each other in the bathtub, no hiding under the covers from monster mommy and no snuggling in bed reading books before bedtime and asking for just “one more minute...” There was no middle of the night bottle where baby gives me penguin kisses before he let’s me hold him a bit little tighter and a little bit closer while I rock him back to sleep. There was no little tug on my sleeve at 2am from a little girl with arms so full and overflowing with only the most critical stuffed animals and wubanubs wanting help climbing up into daddy’s bed to snuggle until sunrise. None of those everyday moments that sometimes we forget are the most important. We missed all those moments. 


Never were there two happier people on a plane ride from San Antonio to New Orleans that Sunday. San Antonio was beautiful, and we had a really great time. But nothing is more breathtaking than the smiles on those little faces when every time we walk through the door. It’s good to be home. 



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