Favorite Part of October

October 22, 2018

Most people will tell you their favorite part of October is cozy sweaters, hot lattes, or the trees changing color. Here in New Orleans we don’t really get those things until around December, so our Octobers are for something else--pumpkin patches! There is something so nostalgic about pumpkin patches—growing a pumpkin patch was a big deal. We lived outside of the city in Maryland so the hayrides, apple-bobbing and pumpkin picking were tradition. Ever since moving to New Orleans we sort of lost touch with the pumpkin patch tradition because they just aren’t the same in town. I’d heard stories of the fabulous pumpkin patches across the lake, but I just didn’t believe it and we never went. A few Fridays ago, when things were feeling especially orange and warm, one of Sophie’s girlfriends invited us to the famous “Mrs. Heathers Pumpkin Patch” across the lake and I figured, why not? Soph doesn’t know the difference, and she’ll have fun playing with her friend, so why not? I loaded up the car with a week’s worth of rations and we made the (maybe) 60-minute trek across the lake. As we drove up to the yard for parking I noticed that, at not even 10 in the morning, the lot was PACKED. What’s the big deal? I know it’s not going to be a legit pumpkin patch - the old “Back in my day our pumpkin patches were the real deal…” voice popping up in my head. Am I turning into my grandma?? Anyway, we parked the car and walked up to buy our tickets and - OH. MY. PUMPKINS. This place was like the Mecca of pumpkin patches! I couldn’t believe it. There were fields of pumpkins in all sizes, wagons for kids to ride in and collect goodies, games, horses, corn mazes--everything! It was incredible. It put the pumpkin patch of memory in the backseat. All morning these little southern girls explored everything Mrs. Heathers had to offer. They truly had the time of their lives. We definitely just found our new/old October tradition.




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