Zoo Party for My Sophie Girl

November 10, 2018

I wasn’t even planning on having a birthday party for Sophie Girl this year. Then I spent the morning at her school helping all her little friends decorate a wagon for their school auction. Sophie, of course, was my assistant. I kid you not, this girl knew everyone’s name. EVERYONE. She doesn’t even know my name. And I’m not exaggerating when I tell you she is in love with all of them. The way these crazy girls love and play with each other is incredible. They know each others favorite colors and animals, favorite hobbies, even know each others pets! They gossip on the playground about who knows what, and always scream and giggle when someone walks into the classroom in the morning, and then all of a sudden its hugs all around! When someone is missing from school, the first thing Sophie reports when I ask how her day was is, “Sarah was sick, she need to go to doctor, but she’ll be okay. I missed Sarah today.”  


So needless to say, we decided Sophie Girl needed to have a party so she could get together with all her friends at her favorite place - the Audubon Zoo. It was such a special party and was so much fun to see all these little girls running around and playing in tutus and animal headbands. ADORABLE. 



The fabulous jungle cakes and s’mores from Sucre on Magazine Street were absolutely delicious. Grandma and I put ourselves to work with strawberry and blackberry parfaits for a healthier option, and of course, what zoo party is complete without the classic Barnum’s Animal Crackers? 



Everyone seemed to have such a good time, and Sophie was so happy to see all of her friends. She even had a surprise visit from her Mama Stacey, who she absolutely adores! She is still talking about her special Zoo Party and how she can’t wait to see all her friends again at the Carousel! Each one of these little girls is so sweet and so kind, Sophie is a lucky girl for being able to celebrate her birthday with them.






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