Little Ainsley + The Moose

November 27, 2018

I always thought I would be a cool parent. You know - the laid back chill parent that doesn’t stress over newborn schedules or whether or not we’ve made poo-poo that day. The one that plays JJ Cale, The Band, Zeppelin or Galactic for baby on the way to school or something. Well, turns out, that’s not me. Turns out I’m actually a very un-cool parent and now have Baby Shark on repeat in the car. I did, however, meet some pretty cool parents a few weeks ago at sweet baby Ainsley’s photo debut. Little Ainsley and her pet Moose are bound to be super cool when they grow up because they’ve got some pretty chill parents. From a nursery full of wild animal decor and a moose rug from college, to a barefooted beautiful mama and a daddy with a cell phone library full of John Williams compositions, they are by definition, the cool parents. And it is certainly rubbing off on Little Ainsley. She was pretty cool herself, showing off her strong neck skills while posing on that previously mentioned moose. With the bluest eyes and the perfect pout, this little girl stole my heart while she enjoyed a morning of skin to skin cuddles with mom and dad, and a sweet cat nap to the sounds of the Imperial March from Star Wars.



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