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Little Birthday Boy

November 28, 2018

Today my little love turned two. I’m so tempted to just write, “Happy Birthday,” but to say today was full of just butterflies and cupcakes would not be the whole truth. Of course it was all giggles and smiles for the birthday boy (except for the dentist trip before school…), but for this mama it was bittersweet. 


My baby turned two! My baby turned two? I know everyone says this, but wasn’t it just yesterday he was sleeping right next to me every night? Waking up every few hours to eat, to cry, and to be held? I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that he was falling asleep on my chest with his tiny little hands curled up under his face. I can still hear his tiny quick breaths against my skin while he dreamed. Wasn’t it just yesterday when he first said mama, when he discovered how to laugh? And I swear, it was just a few weeks ago when he set that determined look on his face and took his first steps. 



Now I turn around and he’s no longer taking little steps, but he’s running. He’s keeping up with the older boys on the playground and he’s riding a bike all by himself. He’s saying bonjour, au revoir, and bye-bye, and most recently “I want chicken fries.” He’s stopped pointing to Sophie and mumbling, and started yelling for Sissy instead. He climbs stairs and rock walls, loves cars and trains. He still takes Tiggy everywhere with him, and there isn’t a song that he won’t dance to.  He will still wake up in the middle of the night and call out for me, and I get to hold him close and rock him back to sleep. He snuggles next to me in bed after bath time and he still lets me hold his hand when we go for walks. He’s growing up and it is such an amazing thing to watch. He is so independent already. He is such a strong, smart and loving little boy, I have no doubt that he will make this world a better place. He’s only two so I know you probably think I’m being dramatic, but I know the day is coming when he won’t need to hold my hand anymore and it breaks my heart. I only hope when that day comes, he will pretend for me and hold my hand a little while longer.




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