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A Mother's Wish

December 3, 2018

Fair warning - if you’re not in the mood for a sappy post - this isn’t the one for you. I’m sitting in bed with the most gorgeous little girl asleep with head dug deep into my side. She loves spending the night at Mama and Papa’s because she knows that means it’ll be a sleep over with mommy in the big bed. Around her she is surrounded in scattered “pa’s” (wub-a-nubs). She must have about 10 of them, and just when I am beginning to think she doesn’t really know if one is there or not, she’ll ask me, “Where’s Bear Pa? Monkey Pa? Giraffe Pa?” She can’t fall asleep until she knows that they’re all tucked in safely with her. Sometimes she’ll switch them out in her sleep. If I move she’ll scoot closer and dig her tiny little face deeper into my side, and mumble “mommy” to make sure it’s still me. Then there is my little man. Recently he hasn’t been feeling well and whenever we’re at Mama and Papa’s he wants to join in on the slumber party in the big bed. So he’s curled up on my other side, one thumb in his mouth and the other hand wrapped tightly around his PIC, Tiggy. He’s such a tough guy, refusing to cuddle at the beginning of the night, but around midnight, he’s managed to crawl his way between Sophie Girl and me, and usually has his head buried into either my chest or his sister’s. 


I can’t help but think and wish so many things as I watch these angels sleeping. Nothing out of the ordinary, just all of the things every mother wishes for their children. But even though these are the same wishes, you can’t help but feel like yours are different, stronger, truer.  You can’t help but wish and wish and wish so hard until it almost hurts. You wish that there will be no falls, no spills, no broken bones or broken hearts, even though you know there will be (and then for me I wish that I can keep myself in check when it happens so the heart breaker doesn’t have to suffer this mama’s wrath). You wish that they are never afraid, but that when they are, they know you are right there beside them. You wish that everyone is always kind to them, and never bullies or hurts their feelings (again enter mama’s wrath). You wish that they always remember how strong they are, how beautiful and handsome they are, how magical they are. You wish they always know truth and love and happiness, never sadness or pain, and definitely never despair. You wish they keep believing in unicorns and Santa Claus, and still say “Wow” every time the witch makes that sweet broom in “Room on the Broom.” You wish they never stop holding your hand, but then again wish that they someday find the perfect matching hand for them to hold when they are older. You wish so many things. You wish them every day. And, for many of us, along with our wishing, we pray. And we stand up. We pray for peace and kindness in this world. And we stand up for those who can’t. We have to. These sleeping angels deserve a world better than what has been and what it is becoming. I wish that for them. Like I said, they’re the same wishes that every mother has for their children. They’re not special or different. But still, they feel different, stronger, truer.  And I will wish them and stand up for them every day of their lives. Tell me, what do you wish for?

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