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Water Fairy

December 5, 2018

Don't you just love it when a well laid out plan slowly falls apart? It's the best. That’s what happened with the session planned for this little girl a few weeks ago - and I’m so happy that it did. When her mama reached out to me about doing a fairy themed photo shoot we both immediately thought of something amongst the wildflowers. How perfect that would be! We planned everything out - where we would go, what props we would bring, etc. We thought of everything. Or at least we thought we did. The night before the shoot we remembered one small detail - there was a huge music festival being held right where we wanted to shoot! 


Whoops 😬 My Bad. 


We debated back in forth whether to just hope the crowd would work with us or whether we should relocate to our Plan B - a water fairy session. We finally decided that we would go with Operation Water Fairy instead, and it turned out even more perfectly than we could have imagined. The weather was absolutely perfect. We had so much fun splashing in the water, bobbing for flowers and searching for underwater treasures. That whole Saturday morning, this sweet girl was the star in her own magical fairy tale. Seeing the joy on her face and the sparkle in her eyes as she imagined the most magical things, I found myself living in her fairy tale that morning too. As we get older, we begin to become more practical and stop believing in fairy tales. We stop allowing ourselves the freedom to believe in the make-believe from time to time and we stop imagining in magical things. We become so pragmatic and so focused on reality that our minds almost forget how exhilarating and restorative it is to let ourselves dream. That morning I was reminded to believe in magic, to believe in fairytales. So thank you Sweet Water Fairy, for helping me remember the power of imagination.



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